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WELCOME is your local Canadian online source for unique and reusable chopsticks. The first chopsticks originated in China approximately 4000-5000 years ago to use in cooking pots when filled with hot oil or water. It's use later spread to other regions of Asia including Korea, Vietnam, Nepal, Tibet, and Japan. They were originally made with sticks, bamboo and bone and were later crafted from brass, copper, jade, ivory and stainless steel.

Operating Chopsticks: Hold one in your dominant hand like a pencil 1/3 of the way to the top. Place the next one along your ring finger while supported by the base of your thumb. Pivot the upper chopstick on your thumb with index and middle fingers.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Chopsticks

One-use chopsticks are filling landfills in Asia and North America is closely catching up, making reusable chopsticks the eco-friendly choice. Reusable chopsticks are great for eating sushi, rice or noodles and they're excellent for caterers, restaurants, buffets, cafeterias, diners, cafes, or any place serving Asian dishes.

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